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                                    Licences  And Contracts

Below is a list of all Leases and Contracts please read carefully. Although some contracts are negotiable once sighned they are leagal and binding.All contracts will be emailed via PDF, to be reveiwed. Instant download on all music. Voicetags will be removed.mp3 and wav format available.Contact information on all trackout and exclusive licences are required and will be deliverd within 24 hours of payment.

Thank you and we appreciate you listening.

Non Exclusive

                 $ 19.95
One project only
1,000 copies may be sold
Untaged wav and mp3 files
Good for shows ,video, mixtape album

Radio ,ITunes
Credit must be given to 88KEZZ for instrumental composition 

Royalty free

Premium non  exclusive.​


One project only
2,000 thousand copies sold
Untaged wave and mp3 files
Good for shows,video,mixtape album radio  ITiunes.

Crredit must be given to 88KEZZ for instrumental composition

Royalty free


        $1,000 to $3,000

Unlimeted  projects
Unlimeted copies sold
Untaged wave and mp3 files
Individual sound stems (trackout)
shows,video mixtape,album radio ITunesc
Creditn must be given to 88KEZZ for instrumental composition.

You own it (can never be sold  or leased again by 88 kezz from the basement music     productions or even by you.

Contact for further informationr

Royalty free. Please email contact information

Track Outs

One project only
2,000 thousand copies sold
Untaged mp3 and wav files
Individual sound stems (trackout)
Good  for shows,video. mixtape album,radio  Itunes.

Credit must be given to 88KEZZ for instrumental composition

Royalty free. Please email contact information 


          Coming soon

Personal Production


Need a custom beat or beats tailored to you. use the contact page to set up A conference and we'll get back to you only serious  inquiries please.

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